Elena Maroutsou was born in Athens in 1967. She has studied History at the School of Philosophy (University of Athens) and has had her M.A. in Literature and the Visual Arts at the University of Reading. She teaches Literature and Creative Writing and she writes book reviews, which appear regularly in the greek press. She has written the following books of fiction: “Of both extremes” (Alexandreia, 1998), “The betrayal of names” (Alexandreia, 2004), “Between the train and the platform” (Kastaniotis, 2008- Athens Prize for Literature), “The meaning” (Kedros, 2010), “Obscene Orchids” (Kichli, 2015), “Two” (Kichli, 2018), “Beast-like” (Polis, 2020), “The miracle” (Kichli, 2022). The majority of her books have been shortlisted for greek literature awards.

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First name:  ELENA
Last name:  MAROUTSOU

Thiras 26 Kifissia, 145 62  Tel. 6977213830

Date of birth:  1967
Birth place:  Athens
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Her novel  Μεταξύ συρμού και αποβάθρας (Καστανιώτης 2008) – was awarded "the Athens Prize for Literature" from the magazine. (Δέ)κατα