He was born in Perdika, Thesprotia (1957). He finished the Primary School in Popovo and graduated from the High School of Paramythia (1975). Studied Chemistry at the University of Patras, Doctor of the Medical School (1990). He works at the Medical School of the University of Patras as a Professor and teaches Molecular Biology (1980-). He lives permanently in Patras (1975-). He is married to Kaiti Kouremenou and has two children, Myrto and Konstantinos.

His first poems were published in the magazine Planodion (1987). Since then, he has published five (5) poetry collections. His reviews and poems have been published in magazines and newspapers, are included in Greek and foreign language anthologies, and have been translated into many languages.

The poem "TA ONEIRA", from the collection SARKOPHAGOS (2002), was set to music by Thanasis Papakonstantinou, "AGRYPNIA" and "LAIKEDELIKA".








 More about author: 
First name:  IOANNIS
Last name:  ZARKADIS


His first poems were published in the journal Planodion,1987

“ACHERUSSIA MEMORY”, Planodion, 1991

“DEPTHS OF THE ANIMAL”, Synexeia, 1996

“SARKOPHAGOS”, Planodion, 2002

“WOLF AND OTHER ANTIBODIES”, Typothito, Gutenberg, 2009

“MELISSOCHORTO”, Melani, 2017



Konstantinou Trantafyllou 40,  26443, Patrra

Date of birth:  1957
Birth place:  Perdika of Thesprotia, Epirus, Greece
Abstract text: 


I’ m sitting before the fire.
How long I can’t remember
or if I ever moved away.
I don’t know why
I’ m sitting before the fire
or why I fan it
as soon as it’s about to go out.
I don’t even know if it’s the fire
or the flames that are consuming it.
I’ve never heard of anyone passing it by
or anyone turning their back on it.
I’ m sitting before the fire.
Behind it in the darkness, are my folks.

Translated by David Connolly




Il chassait
sur les rives des yeux de sa belle
des mammiferes marsupiaux.
Il armait sa fronde
et eux disparaissaient
dans le noir de l’iris.

Translated by Michel Volkovitch



Ich weiß es gut.
Genau da wo ich
anfaßte das Gedicht
um es zu schreiben
habe ich es tief verwundet
nun schleicht es herum verletzt
noch immer blutend.

Translated by Niki Eideneier



  • The poetry collection "SARKOPHAGOS", Planodion (2002), was included in the final list (15), for the Poetry Prize of the magazine Diavazo.
  • The poetry collection "THE WOLF AND OTHER ANTIBODIES", Typothito, Gutenberg (2009), was included in the final list (10), for the State Poetry Prize.
  • The poetry collection "MELISSOHORTO", Melani (2017), was included in the final list (7), for the State Poetry Prize.