2003-2022: I teach at the Music School of Alimos. I write literary and theatre critique, for the last ten years, with the book website bookpress.gr

Since 1999: I am a member of the Hellenic Center of the International Theater Institute I.T.I. (ΕΚΔΙΘ).

Since 2022: I am a member of the Association of Greek Theater and Music Critics and of the Writers' Society.

1991-2011: I collaborated systematically, as a columnist with the quarterly magazine "Archeology and Arts". From time to time I collaborated with the philosophical magazine "Utopia", with the magazine "To Tetarto" and with the literary magazines "Odos Panos", “Vakxikon”, "De (KATA)" and "Athens Review of books". I have collaborated extensively with the university journals "Topos Epikoinos" (Panteion University), "Theatrographies" (Athens Faculty of Philosophy(, "Dioniso" of the Istituto per il Dramma Antico (Syracuse, Sicily), "Anteprima" of Sassoforrato (Ancona, Italy) “Théâtres du Monde” (University of Avignon / Vaucluse, France).

2006-2008: I worked for the former Pedagogical Institute (now Centre of Pedagogical Research) in the evaluation of the Educational Software (C-D ROM) that accompanies the teaching of the Ancient Greek translation in the Junior High School (Homeric Epics: Iliad and Odyssey).

see: http://www.pi-schools.gr/software/gymnasio/omirika_epi/Egxeiridio_xrisis.pdf

2006: I taught at the Regional Educational Centers of Elefsina (new books of History, Modern Greek Language and Literature for the three classes of the Senior-High School.

1998-1999: I taught at the Regional Educational Centers of Piraeus and Argyroupolis (Modern Greek Literature and Ancient History). I presented the short-lived textbook "Cultural Contribution of Hellenism from Antiquity to the Renaissance".

1995-1998: I was a member of the Jury in the Panhellenic Student Competition of Theater organized by the Ministry of Education for three consecutive years.

1993-2003: I worked as a professor of Greek at the 2nd Unified Lyceum of Intercultural Education of Elliniko.

1992-1993: I worked as a professor at the High School of Korydallos

June 1992: I presented my Ph.D. Thesis at the Department of Political Science of Panteion University and obtained the title of Doctor of Political Philosophy.

See: http://phdtheses.ekt.gr/eadd/handle/10442/2143

See, also: http://thesis.ekt.gr/thesisBookReader/id/2143#page/1/mode/2up

1991: I was appointed as a professor at the 4th High School of Thebes.

1989-1991: I worked as a professor at the "PAIDEIA" Tutoring Center, 26 George, Athens.

1987-1988: I worked as a Tourist Guide in Tunisia, Cyprus, Malta, France and Russia, on behalf of the DOROS TOURS Agency.

1985-1987: I worked as an hourly paid professor at TEL Maroussi and TEL Argyroupoleos during the preparation of my doctoral dissertation for Panteion University.

1984-1985: I studied in the Third Cycle of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris (Department of History and Cultures) to obtain the D.E.A. Diploma of Comprehensive Postgraduate Studies, under the supervision of Pr/s. Kornilios Kastoriadis, Nicole Loraux, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Jean-Pierre Vernant, Yves Hersant, Claude Mossé. At the same time, I studied at the Maîtrise level in the Department of Philosophy (Ésthétique/ University of Panthéon-Sorbonne 1), under the supervision of Prof. Olivier Revault d'Allones.

1979- 1984: I studied at the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies (Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Crete/Rethymnon).

1983: I attended the Professional Journalism Workshop of P. Hagios.

1982: I worked as a full-time Student Librarian at the Library of the RejtsUniversiteit of Utrecht (The Netherlands).

1979: I graduated from the 1st Public Senior High School of Paleon Psychikon.


1. January 1988


2. January 1988


3. Fairly good use of Spanish




1990-1992: Tango argentino (Arroyo Dance Club –Athens) Nivel Elementario (Teaching: Stavros Litinas)

1993: Tangos, Allegrias Nivel Primero Aňo Primero (Teaching: Clive de Bain)

1994 -1995: Bulerias, Garrotin Nivel Primero Aňo Secundo (Teaching: Dora Papadimitriou)

1996: Solea por Buleria Nivel Secundo (Teaching: Stavros Litinas, Victoria Kokkiza, Clive de Bain)

July 1996: Participation in the dance performance THE BLOODY WEDDING by Federico Garcία Lorca (Directed for the Athens Festival by Stavros Litinas- Clive de Bain -Hazel Acosta)

1997: Tientos y Tangos Nivel Tercero Teaching: Stavros Victoria Kokkiza

1998: Allegria, Solea por Buleria, Siguiriya, Fandangos de Huelva with Victoria Kokkiza

1999-2000: Courses at Jerez de la Frontera, Academia de Baile Jerez Spain (Joaquin Grilo Mercedes Ruiz Level Medio Solea for Buleria).

2001-2002: Performance "Arroyo -10 aňos" with Roland Hoffmann Altera Pars Theater

Course at Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, Average/Medium Level (Joaquin Grilo)

2002-2003: performance Colores de Otoňo at the "Knossos" Theater

2003-2004: Flamenco Course Professional Level (by Mercedes Ruiz)

April 2006: Performance of AMOR BRUJO by F.G.Lorca with the dance theater Rallou Manou choreographed and directed by Efi Karakosta (Thessaloniki Concert Hall)

2005: Flamenco Course Professional Level (Manuel Betanzos)

2006: Flamenco Professional Level (Joaquin Grilo).

Summer 2006: Performance “ARENA” (Arroyo Nuevo Altera Pars Theatre, Kerameikos Athens)

June 2007: Performance of the opera CARMEN of Bizet (National Opera of Greece, Theatre of Herodes Atticus. DIRECTED BY STEVEN PIMLOT)

December 2007: annual flamenco seminar of the Spanish Dance Society, Athens, Greece.

July 2009- July 2012: Participation in the performances of the dance group De palo y Madera by Dora Papadimitriou

October 2012- June 2013: Argentine tango lessons

2016-2022: Contemporary dance studies with Markela Manoliadis ("Metaneira": Markela Manoliadis, Pierre Mazenti, Dimitris Kaminaris , Eleni Andreoulaki)

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First name:  NIKOS
Last name:  XENIOS


March 17-19, 2017: First Panhellenic Conference of the Center for Research-Evaluation of School Books and Educational Programs of the Department of Pedagogics (Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Paper subject: Space as an interdisciplinary concept in teaching curriculum.

2008: Publishing the article “The enchanted garment” in: Greek magic: ancient, medieval and modern. edited by J.C.B. Petropoulos. London New York: Routledge, 2008.


13-15 December 2006: "French and Italians Tragic" (Dramaturges francais et italiens)

An English-language announcement published at the Théâtre des Minorités International Conference in Avignon, France, entitled: Theater in Greece during and after the Turkish occupation (Proceedings of THÉÂTRE DES MINORITÉS congress, Université d’Avignon, 13-15 décembre 2006, Région Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse).

September 2000: International Conference on "Petrarchism and Poetry in Europe" at the University of Avignon-Pays de Vaucluse.

Paper subject: Presence of Petrarch in modern greek literature -Poetic Melancholy and representation of women in the Cypriot love chants of the XVI century (Proceedings of the International Conference on Poetry of the University of Avignon-Pays de Vaucluse and the Italian Institute "Dante Alligherri", Municipality of Arezzo).

June 2000: Paper presented and published: Adolescence. Psychosocial Support and Counseling as a Request in Intercultural Education. (Proceedings of the June 2000 Panhellenic Conference of the Hellenic Medical Society for the Study of Psychosomatic Problems ("Alexandra" Hospital, Athens, Greece).

August 1999: 11th International Conference of the Companies of Classical Studies (FIEC) at the Technical University of Kavala, Greece.

Paper subject: Seasons of Dionysus. From ancient time to the kingdom (Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Classical Studies, Kavala, August 24-30, 1999, Volume C, pp. 368-379.

1997: publishing an article in French: Power and Theater: The example of Euripides' "Bacchae" (Théâtres du Monde, Avignon, 1997, issue 7).

1995: publishing the article: The emergence of the Face: poetic forms inspired by ancient Greek poetry (UTOPIA Magazine, issue 19, January 1995. The text was republished in the magazine "Theatrographies" under the title: "Anthropological types of theater")

September 1995: 15th International Conference on Ancient Drama of the National Institute of Ancient Drama of Syracuse, Sicily (I.N.D.A.).

Paper subject: Euripides, diachronical poet of Jealousy: Medea, Ion, Hippolytus, Iphigenia in Aulis

September 1993: 14th International Conference on Ancient Drama of the National Institute of Syracuse.

Paper presented: Euripides and Dionysiac Innovation- The face of the God (Proceedings of the Conference: "DIONISO" magazine)

1993: publication, in Italian, of the short story “La Vipera” (“Αnteprima”magazine, Sassoferrato, Ancona, translation by Tea Boldrini and Georges Barthouil +)

1992: publication of the scenario «Ismael» (HOMMAGIO Α P.P.PAZOLINI, “Αnteprima”magazine, Sassoferrato, Ancona, translation by Tea Boldrini)

July 1999: Intercultural Education Seminar for Greek-speaking Secondary School Teachers held at the Christ’s Church College (Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom).

September-October1992: University of Athens-1st International Conference of Social Anthropology of Antiquity.

May 1991: I worked as a member of the Organizing Committee of the International Symposium on: "Theater in Greece and India". (Panteion University of Athens-National Theater of Greece).

September 1990: 1st C.E.R.G.A. International Conference (Archaeological Society of Athens and University of Athens-Faculty of Philosophy).

July 1990, Delphi: 6th International Forum of Ancient Drama: "Keys to Understanding Antigone".

May 1990: "Myth and Thought in Ancient Greece" (organizer: Prof. Jean Pierre Vernant +), French Institute of Athens.

November 1987- March 1988: National Center for Social Research: interdisciplinary seminar on "Paleography and Papyrology (organizer: Prof. Nikos Svoronos +)

May 1988: Lecture of Olivier Picard on "The archeological excavation of Thassos" (National Archaeological Museum of Athens).

December 1987: French Institute of Athens, "Scientific and Humanistic Culture" (Organizer: Prof. Edgar Morin).

August 1987, Paphos-Cyprus: Archaeological Conference on: "The House of Dionysus" in Paphos.

November 1984, Chapelle de la Sorbonne, Paris, France: "Pier Paolo Pasolini - Bodies and Places" (P.P. Pazolini - Corpi e Luochi). Organizer: Laura Betti.

September 1984, Georges Pompidou Cultural Center. Paris, France: "The Age of Kafka" (Le Siècle de Kafka).


1. "Ancient Theaters and Stadiums in Greece". Screenplay for an archeological documentary on ancient Greek theaters (K. Tsaroucha), in collaboration with Efi Xirou (the copyright of the script has been abused by ALITHEIA publications).

2. "Seasons of Dionysus", screenplay, in collaboration with the director, for the short film by Efi Xirou.

3. "The Waters of Francis", screenplay for a feature film.


(2019) The guts, novel, KRITIKI publications

(2017) The hunt of King Matthew, novel, KRITIKI publications

(2012) A three rooms appartment for Oedipus, novella, Farfoulas publications

(2011) The grudge, short story collection, Farfoulas publications

(2014) Leonti, short story (“Via dolorosa”, Vakxikon publications)

(2011) Write and erase, short story collection, Farfoulas publications

(2007) Theater and intercultural education, published by I. Zacharopoulos

(2002) Dictionary of theatrical terms, Coan publications

(1995) The Echidna, Short Story Collection, publications ISTOS ’95

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