She studied French & Greek Literature (University of Athens) and holds a PhD (Doctorat Nouveau Régime) in General & Comparative Literature, (Sorbonne -Paris III). For several years she taught Modern Greek Literature with comparative aspects at the Centre for Open and Distance Learning (CFOAD) of the University of Burgundy. She is Associate Professor of European Literature at the Hellenic Open University, where she is also head of the European Studies Department –where she teaches History of European Literature–, member of the Special Interdisciplinary Committee of the Postgraduate Programme in Creative Writing, and member of the Academic Committee of the MA in Modern Italian Culture. She is also Board member of the Greek General and Comparative Literature Association (since 2008), member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal Comparaison (since 2016), and Board member of the Hellenic Open University Press (since 2020).

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First name:  ANTIGONE
Last name:  VLAVIANOU
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In collective works

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Editing of publications / tributes in literary magazines:

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Translations- selection

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Abstract title:  Avatars de l’identité – écritures du non-dit dans la prose de D. T. Analis à l’instar de Camus dans Le Premier Homme.
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Chevalier (Knight) of the Ordre des Palmes Académiques (2017) Awarded by the Ministry of National Education of the French Republic  

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