Dimitris Varvarigos was born in Athens. He has studied script writing, playwriting
and literature “awarded by the writing school”.
He has written books for children, teenagers and adults.
His book called “Hypatia”, became a movie entitled /called “Agora” and theatrical
play by the theatrical tedm/group by the name “Anadrasis”.
Also by the theatrical groups “Diodos” and “Theatrical creation” respectively his
work were released / adapted as follows:
“The need of the senses”
“The dream of a lave”
“Love and death”
“A grandfather but what a grandfather”… Director: Vaso Kouvela
“Hypatia” a theatrical adaptation by Dimitris Varvarigos based on his own book.
Giota Koundouraki
“Lipesanores” based on his own book. Director: Katerina Manteli
“Tsvetagieva, three swamps” DirectorQ Ioannis Diamantopoylos


D.V is:
1. The civilizing representative of Unesco in Literatur, culture and sciences in
2. A member of the Association and Historic Writers, Panhellenic Literary
Association and Historic Writers
3. A member of the international Cultural Centre Anadrasis
4. A member of thw syntactical/structural committee of the literary magazine
“Rogmes” and the writer of the news paper “Educational of Petroupolis”. A
lot of articles of his have been published in magazine and news paper.
5. The organizer the “House of reading” in the venue of Agkyra editions
6. The organizer of poetic and many other literary events in Athens and its
7. His books have been presented in National Expo of Thessaloniki
8. The book “Ypatia” is the central theme/topic of the poste-gracluate work by
Xanthipi Mballi entitled: “Educational Exploitation of D. Vs novel”.
9. He has participated as an educator in workshops of creative writing in the
Municipality of: Venue Enastron - Atalanti – Paros – Kalymno – Amorgo-
Morfotiko Petroupolh – editing houses Agkyra – editing houses Enastron.
10. Radio Producer on the show “Me and You” on Greek radio and news Florida.
11. Member of the writers' society
12. Author contact information:  Email:
13. Personal Web blog:

 More about author: 
First name:  DIMITRIS
Last name:  VARVARIGOS

1) Hypatia, historical novel, it was honourably presented in library of Alexandria
Egypt. Made into a movie called “Agora”. Transalated into Romanian also
performed on stage in 2013, 11 th edition.
2) What over we love it was left behind… novel, 3rd edition… being repriting.
3) The postscript of an apology… novel, 3th edition
4) I’ ve got you…novel, 2 nd edition Hellenik Protovoulia 2013
5) Passion, edition Omvros… out of print
6) In the same colour the night and silence, sdition Cristos Dardanos…
3 rd adition, out of print
7) Women of the World, 2 nd edition Cristos Dardanos, out of print
8) Love is hard, 4 rd edition Cristos Dardanos
9) Dead end loves, 3 rd esdition Cristos Dardanos
10) Imeros and Astraia, the secret of the silent country, edition Hatzilakos
11) The charm of the second nature, 2 nd edition, Iolkos
12) Lipesanores, fifth edition, N.S. Mpatsioulas
13) Innocent red, Anima publications
14) Amour fou, Anima publications
15) Leave me, second edition, Idroplano publications
16) Screams of women, my Troy 24 grammata publications

Illustrated children’s books
1) Theodora, areal empres
2) Digenis Akritas, the hero who turned into a legent, 2 nd edition
3) Konstantinos Palaiologos, the last emperor, 3 rd edition
4) The rebellion mutiny of Nika… the great rebellion 2hd edition
5) Konstantinos Palaiologos 4 th re-issue…Improved se-issue with games and
6) “Aristotelis” the sage of the world, 24 grammata publications
7) “Archimedes” the father of mechanics, 24 grammata publications

8) “Diogenes” the stray dog, 24 grammata publications
9) “Socrates” the barefoot rebel, 24 grammata publications
10) “Hypatia” the great Greek woman, 24 grammata publications

 By the eleven, a participation in the collective book, edition Paroysia and
Mbartzoulianos Ilias
 “1821” a participation in the collective book, edition 24 grammata
 “Inside of you” a participation in the collective book, edition 24 grammata
 “Police stories” a participation in the collective book, edition 24 grammata
 “Intelligentsia” the circle of poets, a participation in the collective book,
edition entypois (No 1-2-3 books)

1. A certificate of non-existence, poetry 2 nd edition

Essay writing and sections of creative writing
2. The magig madness of creation, 2 nd edition En typois 2013… rules of creative
writing and literature writing
3. Seminars of creative writing Venue Enastron - Atalanti – Paros – Kalymno –
Amorgo- Morfotiko Petroupolh

Birth place:  Athens
Abstract text: