He attended the 13th Boys’ High School of Athens. He is a graduate of the “Doxiadis” Middle Technical School 1966, and an Architect, DESA 1977, (Special School of Architecture – France-Paris). He worked both in the private and public sector. He published poetry in literary magazines for the first time in 2007 under the alias Emmanouil Antzarakis. He is a member of the Poets’ Circle – 2012 and the Hellenic Authors’ Society – 2022.

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First name:  STAVROS
Last name:  STABOGLIS

Since 2009 he has published 11 collections of poems: Γη” (Gavriilidis Publications Athens 2009), “Έννοια εικόνας” (Gavriilidis Publications Athens 2010), “Τόπος Νωδ” (Gavriilidis Publications Athens 2011), “Aπόδοση Τοπίων” (Gavriilidis Publications Athens 2012), “Αποτυπώσεις” (Oropedio Publications Athens 2012), “Διαλεκτική βυθού” (Mandragoras Publications Athens 2014), “Με την πλάτη στο παρόν” (Kedros Publishers Athens 2014), “Διηγήσεις πόλεων” (Kedros Publishers Athens 2016), “Ατελές Κολάζ” (Koukkida Publications Athens 2020), “Τεθλασμένη πόλεως αφή” (Koukkida Publications Athens 2021), “Παραμύθια ανεβάζω” (Ekdoseis ton filon Publications Athens 2022). He has also published two collections of short stories, “O δρόμος της τύχης” (Gavriilidis Publications Athens 2014) and “Εν ονόματι της Άνοιξης” (Gavriilidis Publications Athens 2014), as well as the following literary essays: “Η γενναιότητα του πένθους στην ποιητική του Κώστα Θ. Ριζάκη) (Phoenix Publications Athens 2021), and “Εντυπώσεις από μια περιήγηση (2021) on the poetry collection “Με δίχτυ τον άνεμοby poet Dimitris Daskalopoulos (self-published in 20 numbered copies).

He has been publishing literary criticism texts and essays in the press and in digital literary magazines.

Other information: A special tribute to his poetry has been published by the magazines Karyothrafstis (issue 6/2020) and Emvolimon (issue 91-92/2020). His poems have been included in many anthologies, the most important being “Eφενός γίγνεσθαι 1 – Anthology 2020, (Romi Publications Thessaloniki). His poetic collections Διηγήσεις πόλεων and Tεθλασμένη πόλεως αφή have been presented by the National Television & Radio Network (ERT) Third Program at the show hosted by poet Kostas Kanavouris Τhe long journey of day into the night, in 2017 and 2022 respectively. Ηe is a member of the editorial board of the Emvolimon magazine. He has participated in the 1st (2013), 4th (2018) and 7th (2021) Athens World Poetry Festival.




  1. 80 Spetson st., Athens P.C. 11362

  2. 28 Poseidonos st., Antikyra – Viotia


6974809929, 22670 - 43302

Date of birth:  1946
Birth place:  Athens
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