Sotiris Sarakis (Ampelia, Agrinion, 1949) lives in Athens, where he came to live as a University student of Political Sciences and worked as a civil servant.

His first poetry collection was published as late as 1994, however it includedpoems that had been written between 1971 and 1985.

Literary texts of Sotiris Sarakis (mainly poetry) can be found in acknowledged literary journals. Many of his poems have also been published in various Poetry Anthologies and Web pages and have been translated to a number of European languages.

 More about author: 
First name:  SOTIRIS
Last name:  SARAKIS

Poetry collections:

The fleece, Govostis, Αthens 1994

Stars unexpected, Kastaniotis, Athens 1997

Pottery painting*, Ellinika Grammata, Athens 2000

A mosaic made out of missing tiles, Nefeli, Athens2003

The rite, Nefeli, Athens 2006

Vowelshiftings**, Nefeli, Athens 2009

Night routes, Aegeon, Nicosia 2010

In the display cases, Koukida, Athens 2016

At the blacksmith’s in Lemnos island, Athens, Koukida 2017

Significant details, Athens, Koukida 2018

A sunset at Santorini, koukida 2021


Volumes of collected poems:


Trials and Attempts, Poems, 1971-1998, Koukida 2011

An instant in Chaos, Poems, 1999-2010, Koukida 2014


*The word of the Greek title (Angiography) has two meanings, that of pottery painting and a medical imaging technique used to visualize the insideof blood vessels

**The Greek title refers to a set of mainly vowel or consonant transitions due to their adjustment to words’ changes, progression through time or local dialects and accents. The Greek grammatical word that is used to describe these shiftings is “Passions” (same as Passions of Christ).


5 Kissamou str, 162 31,

Vyronas, Athens, Greece

Date of birth:  1949
Birth place:  Ampelia, Agrinion