Dionysis N. Mousmoutis is an author, literary critic and publisher-editor in chief of the Greek monthly journal Historia Iconographimeni (History Illustrated).

Dionysis N. Mousmoutis was born in Athens and his origin is from Zakynthos. He has followed a course of Theater Studies at the Theater School of the National Theater in Greece and a course of seminars at RADA (1977-1982). In the 1980s he worked in the Press Center of the Foundation of the Hellenic World.

As of the late 1970s he has been participating in various scientific conferences, also publishing a variety of articles and studies on Modern Greek literature (theater, in particular), as well as many reviews.

His writings (studies, essays and reviews) have been published in a variety of journals and newspapers, including the newspapers Kathimerine; To Vima, and Eleftherotypia, and the journals Hellenikos Kosmos; Epilogos; Heptanesiaka Fylla; Porphyras; Kephaleniaka Chronika; Nea Hestia; Odos Panos; Periplous; K (a Journal for Literary and Artistic Reviews); Diavazo; Historia Iconographimeni; Epilogos, Index; Akti; Parodos; Mousikos Hellenomnemon; Ionika Analekta; Nea Efthyni; Sisyphus; Frear; Paravasis; Conte Spourgitis; Greek letters : a journal of modern Greek literature in translation, etc., as well as in Proceedings of conferences, anniversary volumes and collective works. He has edited special issues on Dionysion Solomos, Andreas Kalvos, Ugo Foscolo, Nikos Kavvadias, Alexandros Papadiamantis and Odysseas Elytis, as well as issues on historical and detective novels, travel literature etc., published by the journal Diavazo and the newspaper Eleftherotypia. In the period 2000-2002 he published annual volumes under the title Zakynthos, a Calendar on Literature, History and Folklore. He has compiled anthologies of contemporary poets of Zakynthos for the journal Hellenomouseion/Akti. Since 2008 he has been publishing and directing the monthly journal Historia Iconographimeni (History Illustrated).

Dionysis N. Mousmoutis is a member of many literary and scientific societies, clubs, organizations and cultural foundations, such as the Greek Historical and Ethnological Society; the Society for Heraldry and Genealogy; the Greek Folklore Society; the National Society of Greek Literary Authors; the Society for Corfiot Studies; the Museum for Solomos and Eminent Zakynthians; the “Athens Odeion” Music and Drama Club; the Center for the Research and Study of Greek Theater – Theater Museum; the Society for the Promotion of Useful Books, He has also been a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Society of Greek Literary Authors; the Greek Folklore Society; and the Ugo Foscolo Club. Furthermore, he is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.


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First name:  DIONISIS
Last name:  MOUSMOUTIS

Studies and Essays (in Greek)

- Theater in the City of Zakynthos, 1901-1915 (Bastas Publ., 1999).

- Gregorios Xenopoulos (1867-1951). A Timeline and Album (Periplous Publ., 2001).

- Romas and the Theater (Platyphoros Publ., 2002).

- Pios Martzokes and the vaudeville of Zakynthos (Trimorpho Publ., 2006).

- Xenopoulos, a Commendation, a strike and the University students (Trimorpho Publ., 2006).

- Xenopoulos, Malanos and the Theater in Alexandria (Gavrielides Publ., 2007).

- Letters of Dionysis Romas to Kostes Bastias and Alexis Minotes (Trimorpho Publ., 2007).

- Stathateios Drama Competition of the Society of Hellenic Play Writers (in cooperation with Kyriake Petrakou), in the series Paravasis, vol. 6 (= Scientific Bulletin of the Department of Theater Studies of the University of Athens) (Ergo Publ., 2008).

- Timoleon Ambelas, “Lina Drakaand Zakynthos (Trimorpho Publ., 2009).

- Ugo Foscolo, Historical and Literary Omissions (Trimorpho Publ., 2010).

- Marietta Giannopoulou-Minotou, Yiannes Psychares and Ugo Foscolo (Efthyne / Analogio Publ., 2012).

- Ana-gnoseis. Texts on Authors and Books (Papyros Publ., 2015).

- Pavlos Carrer, hisDarkPeriod (1850-1857) (Plessas Publ., 2017).

- Theater in Zakynthos in the 19th Century. Musical Life and Popular Spectacles, vols. A1, A2 (Plessas Publ., 2017).

- Dionysios Tavoulares, Evangelia Paraskevopoulou andThe Duchess of Athens” (Plesssas Publ. 2019).

- Theater in Zakynthos during the 20th Century, 2 vols (Plessas Publ. 2022).


Editorial Work

- Zakynthos, from the Second to the Third Millenium. An Illustrated Calendar-Almanac of Zakynthos in the Year 2000 (Bastas Publ., 1999).

- Zakynthos 2001. A Calendar on Literature, History and Folklore (Exerevnites Publ., 2001).

- Zakynthos 2002. A Calendar on Literature, History and Folklore (Periplous Publ. 2002).

- Gregorios Xenopoulos, 50 Years Late… A Contribution to the Research of his Work, in the Conference Proceedings (Zakynthos, 16-18 November 2001) (Platyphoros Publ., Zakynthos, 2005).

- Theater in the Ionian Islands (Porphyras Journal, issue no. 114, January-March 2005).

- Ten texts on Dionysis Serras and his Poetry (Raporto Publ., 2006).

- Dionisis Romas, Theater in Crisis (Reviews and Serials) (Trimorpho Publ., 2007).

- Spyros Minotos, The Greek Soul of Ugo Foscolo (Trimorpho Publ., 2008).

- Marietta Giannopoulou-Minotou, Folk Tales from Zakynthos (adaptation-illustration: Zoe Nikitaki, Trimorpho Publ., 2012).

- 2018 Calendar: Eduardo Galeano (Papyros Publ., 2017).



Mobile Phone: 6972172759

Date of birth:  1960
Birth place:  Athens
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In 2011 he was awarded the Ouranis Foundation Essay Prize by the Athens Academy for his book Ugo Foscolo, Historical and Literary Omissions.

In November 2021 he received an Honorary PhD from the Department of Theater Studies of the Athens University.