Paola Maria Minucci was born in Grosseto in 1948.

She attended Italian literature studies at University of Florence with Piero Bigongiari and Silvio Ramat, and Greek literature in the Universities of Roma and Thessaloniki.

P.M. Minucci was Professor of New Greek Language and Literature at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, where has been working since 1981until 2018.

She published a large number of review, articles, monographs, on New Greek literature with comparative studies between Greek and Italian and European twentieth century poetry.

P.M. Minucci has been committing herself to translate works of literature from Greek into Italian. She has been editor of many twentieth century poetry readers (of Kavafis, Elitis, Sachturis, Dimulà, Patrikios, Meskos, Anghelaki-Ruk, Ganàs, Mastoraki, Lainà, Pierìs, Iliopulu) and literary translator of relevant writers (Vassilikòs, Tachtsìs, Valtinòs, Papadimitrakopulos, Sotiropulu). Besides she wrote several essays on the topic of translation and his value and dignity in the cognitive action towards foreign literatures.

 More about author: 
First name:  PAOLA-MARIA
Last name:  MINUCCI
Date of birth:  1948
Birth place:  Grosseto

- 2006: in Greece National Translation Award 2006, for the book Elitis, O., La materia leggera, Donzelli Editore, Rome, 2006;

- 2007: in Italy National Translation Award 2007, for her collected works.

- 2012: “Premio Achille Marazza 2012” for the book Elitis, O., È presto ancora, Donzelli Editore, Rome, 2011.

- 2013: Decoration of the Order of the Phoenix from the Greek Government.

- 2020: Premio “Benno Geiger”- Fondazione Giorgio Cini for the book Tutte le poesie di K.P. Kavafis, Donzelli Editore, Roma 2019.

- 2021: in Greece National Translation Award 2020, for the book Tutte le poesie di K.P. Kavafis, Donzelli Editore, Roma 2019.