Thanasis Markopoulos was born in 1951 in Kranidia, Kozani. He studied Ancient and Modern Greek Language and Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and obtained an MSC and a PhD from the same university.

His main interests are mostly connected to poetry and literary criticism.

Many of his poems and literary articles on  Postwar Greek poetry and literature have appeared in various newspapers and magazines throughout the years.

He is a member of the Hellenic Authors’ Society, as well as the Authors’ Society of Thessaloniki.

He lives in Veria.


 More about author: 
First name:  THANASSIS



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Studies – Articles – Compilations


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Alexis Aslanoglou.


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Date of birth:  1951
Birth place:  Kranidia Kozani
Abstract title:  POEMS
Abstract text: 

Every time you laugh


Every time you laugh

a geranium blossoms

on the opposite windowsill


Every time you moan

a red apple

falls on the ground


 (Escape attempt 1975-1981, 1982)



The dead man of the café


Years after the Civil war

he’s sitting dead

on the chair of the café

as if they’ve tied him up with his hands behind his back

The Authorities have declared

that he’s not going to stink

It’s such a sparsely inhabited place

Well just in case

they’ve been ordered to stall

the death announcement

as long as they can

So they shy away from the interrogations

and the possible case that

something –god forbid– may go wrong 

with the missing evidence processes

The notification of death after all

may raise concerns

and then good luck trying to stop the peasants

if they get wind of it


(From our correspondent, 1985)



The immigrants


When they come

the young immigrants

on the flight of March

whey they come

the cute black kids

with the baby cries of sun

at the edge of the beak

I will explode too

like a morning rose


For now

shed a blast of light

on my dark and gloomy chest


     (Body model, 1988)



Che’s luck


   Occasioned by a photograph


In a cozy bar

you’re sipping the sorrow

sifting the silence

with lit cigarettes


At the other table Guevara

harvested field

the night blows in his hair

the yellow stars around go out


In a sense you were lucky

my dear Che

You played and you lost

Come and take a look at us

that we’re losing without playing


   (Open vein, 1991)



The lie


Up to the neck

up to the edge of the lips

in the caves of breath

in and out

plays the level of the remains

and of thick despair

the bleeding memory

of sunken ideologies

until the sky of the gaze

lowers like a helmet

and the light starves


Then light up the next lie


  (The gun of silence, 1996)



The tenant of the third loneliness


If you happen to know an elderly person who lives alone and you call them don’t

rush to hang up no matter how precious your time is no matter how impatient

lifehas made you don’t assume they’re out or dead perhaps because in that case

everything is fine the problem is if they’re alive at home so don’t hang up they may

be dragging themselves towards your sympathy like a snake in a harvested field

they may even make it to the phone poor them a man can be saved just like that


       (Stress test, 2002)



The decrepit


This decrepit person that you see

dragging his shadow without complaint

in the hospital halls

desperately looking for a look

to uphold his demolished stature


This decrepit person you know

has birthed Marilyn Monroe

Rosa Luxemburg

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

you that read me

me that I write


 (Short breaths, 2010)



The hardships of an execution


I’ve been into photography lately


I take shots that don’t fall into the law of personal data leaning trees like naked

landscapes kneeled houses and stray dogs in parks and streets


I rarely photograph faces not to mention those of my familiars


There’s only one occasion that makes me freeze


When at the grave of my recently deceased father we put a photo of his taken

from my file – exceptional as everyone said – every time I’m about to take a photo

of my mother I can’t help but think if this angle could work in a similar occasion

and no angle is good enough but how can you tell your mother to scootch over

and stand alone to put on her best scarf how can you kill your mother before her

time just so you can have a sense of immortality tomorrow on the undeniable truth

of death


 (Low rivers, 2015)



Kids made of stone

for the wild kids we once were


When it was time they ordered us to deal with the execution in cold blood and us

a bunch of strays we dragged cheerfully the poor animal and happily threw it off

the cliff as the old tradition said


And the rocks kept falling from the sky like a storm until the broken corpse stood

there like a ship made of stone in front of our eyes


We would carry it back and we lay down together we woke up together we played

and bled together and later we carried it along with us under our skin and if from

time to time it came back to surface we pushed it back in the basement or we

carried it up and down in the living room and only a few of us asked for mercy

kneeling in front of its agony


Despite what the ignorant may say

Kids have always been made of stone



A confession of faith

The poet fights for the woman, with the woman he fights.

Kostis Palamas


Calm down at last I used to tell him live a little like a man quit overthinking and the

fruitless search and go out in the streets let go off steam get high see the word

instead of being cranky and finding no way out


It’s too late now he used to answer

I believe in the sudden thunder that happens when two eyes first meet and I want

to save this feeling because without it there’s no sky

I’m always searching for a sweet vision he said that keeps coming back from the

depths of the memory but never reaches me


And as I’m reaching the end of my time he said I lock myself inside the poem

looking for her so hard that in the end they may find me hung from my final line


(Vermio rains, 2022)



Nominated for a State Prize for Poetry award in 2011 and 2016 for his poetry collections Short breaths and Low rivers. Nominated for the Best article award from The Reader magazine (2014) for his book A bird on the ground. Poetry and poetics of Nikos Alexis Aslanoglou.