Giorgos Markopoulos was born in Messini in the southern Peloponnese. He studied Economics and Statistics at the university and lives in Athens since 1965.

He has published seven collections of poetry, a book of prose, two monographs (one on the work of Tasos Leivaditis and one on football in Greek poetry), while he has edited a number of books on Greek poetry as well.

In 1996 he was awarded the Cavafy Prize in Alexandria, Egypt and in 1999 the State Prize for Poetry for his collection Do not cover the river (Kedros, 1998) which was also nominated for the European Union Prize in 2000 (Translated in English by David Connolly). A selection of his work was also translated by Michel Volkovitch in French and published under the title Ne recouvre pas la riviere (Desmos / Cahiers grecs, Paris, 2000). In 2011 he was awarded the National Prize for Poetry for his collection Hidden Hunter and, in the same year he was honored with the Award of the Academy of Athens by the Foundation of Kostas and Eleni Ourani for his entire life's work.

Besides poetry he writes literary reviews and studies, a number of which he have been published in two volumes, Excursion into the Other Language (1991) and Excursion into the Other Language Vol.2 (1994). His first collection of poetry, Seventh Symphony, was published in 1968, when he was just seventeen years old. Since then he brought out the following collections: Eight plus One Easy Pieces and the Klephts of Underworld (1973); Suburban Blues (1976); The fireworkers (1979); Poems 1968-1976 (1980); The Tale of the Stranger and the Forlorn Maiden (1987); Poems 1968-1987 (1992); Don’t Cover the River (1998); Hidden Hunter (2010) and Poems 1968-2010 (2014).

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First name:  GIORGOS

Derigny 34,
104 34 Athens

Date of birth:  1951
Birth place:  Messini
Abstract title:  Five Poems