A. M. studied History and Archeology at the University of Athens, History of Art and Archeology at the University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne. Prose writer, Literary critic, Editor, Translator, Publisher. Interested in photography, and multimedia. Is considered an authority on James Joyce in Greece.* His novel Love, Gardens, Ingratitude has been translated into Serbian, his Obsession with Spring into Turkish, his short novel Nostalgic Clone into English** and various texts and articles into English, French, Turkish and Serbian.

A. M. has served for two consecutive terms as Secretary Executive of the Hellenic Authors' Society.


* See: i. Current James Joyce Checklist (in James Joyce Quarterly (Vol. 34, No 3, Spring 1997, p. 327). ii. James Joyce Newestlatter (October 1997, pp. 3, 7). iii. The reception of James Joyce in Europe, edited by Geert Lernout and Wim Van Mierlo, Continuum 2004, Vol. I, Chapter 28, pp. 455, 466, 467 and passim. In pages 467-68 the critical text reads: «The novelist Aris Marangopoulos has contributed greatly to the understanding of Joyce's work».

** The Dedalus Book of Greek Fantasy, ed. and trans. by D. Connolly, 2004.


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In the Greek Wiki under name: Άρης Μαραγκόπουλος
In the English Wiki name: Aris Marangopoulos


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First name:  ARIS



Fllsst, fllsst, flllssst, Topos 2020

Paul et Laura, tableau d'après nature, Topos 2016

The Slap-tree, Topos 2012

Obsession with Spring, Ellinika Grammata 2006, Topos 2009

Love, Gardens, Ingratitude, Kedros 2002

Fine days of Benjamin Sanidopoulos, Kedros 1998

Oldsmobile, Eleftheros Typos A' 1982 -B' (in The 80's trilogy): Topos 2018




True Love, Topos 2008

The Facts of our Lives, A' Ellinika Grammata, 2002, B' Topos 2015


Short stories


Sweet come back, Ellinika Grammata 2003

This is no cinema, baby, Eleftheros Typos A' 1985 -B' (in The 80's trilogy): Topos 2018

Psycho-brothel, Eleftheros Typos, A: 1983 -B' (in The 80's trilogy): Topos 2018


Selected essays


An introduction to Giacomo Joyce as introduction to James Joyce's œuvre, Topos 2018

Unguarded Battlefields: a thesis on contemporary Greek culture, Topos 2014

Ulysses, a Reader's Guide, Delfini 1996, Kedros 2001, Topos 2010, Topos 2022

Seducers, Lovers, Transgressors, Ellinika Grammata 2005


Illustrated books


The Takis Pananides photo archive of pop music (Greek pop music of the 60's, photos from the photographers' archive ), Topos 2013.

An Unknown Greece: 1950-1965 (a short history of modern Greece, documented with photos from K. Megalokonomou archive), Topos A' 2007, B' 2018.

Russia 100 Years (A short history of Russia based on photographic documents), Stavros Niarchos institution, Rizareion institution 2002.

Dear Dirty Dublin: The Scene and the Language in Joyce's Ulysses, Kedros 1997, Topos 2022.


Selected translations

Note: dates given are of the first publication of the Greek translation


Swift, Jonathan, Gulliver's Travels, 1996

Defoe, Daniel, Robinson Crusoe, 1997

Joyce, James, Giacomo Joyce, A: 1994, B: 2018

James, Henry, Washington Square, 1997, 2018

Balzac, Honoré de, Sarrasine, 1999

Duras, Marguerite Moderato Cantabile, A' 1991, B' 2017.


Kallidromiou 87-89, 10683 Athens

Date of birth:  1948
Birth place:  Αθήνα
Abstract title:  Η μανία με την Άνοιξη
Abstract text: 


His novel Love, Gardens, Ingratitude has been shortlisted for the National Literary Award of 2002. Another novel, Paul et Laura, tableau d'après nature, has also been shortlisted for the National Literary Award of 2018. He has received the special prize for literature of the literary magazine Anagnostis («Nikos Themelis award») for his novel Fllsst, fllsst, flllssst (Topos books 2020).