He was born in Athens in 1973. He studied Law. His first book of fiction was a collection of stories under the title of ‘‘Pseudonym’’ (2006). He has worked as a translator of English fiction. He has also written poetry and theatre plays.

 More about author: 
First name:  Nikos A.
Last name:  Mandis



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Date of birth:  1973
Birth place:  Athens
Abstract title:  KITHAIRON
Abstract text: 

In the dream I was naked, my body lying across a long table, with eyes closed and a posture of solemnity, as if I were somehow dead. Then, little by little, the table was filled with sitting men, most of them plain in looks and positively middle aged, dressed in the cheapest tunics possible, like slaves or poor peasants. As the men sat (there were about a dozen in total) my view of the scene, which was external to my lying body, resembling the view of a fly on the ceiling, permitted me to realise that my body was actually already cut into pieces, but no blood was spilled or other gory paraphernalia, but rather befitting the texture of bread, as if my body were made of dough and not flesh, and soon enough the sitting men started to break apart the pieces of me and to consume them, accompanying the food with gulps of red wine, which they were served in wooden cups from a large bottle. When they had nearly concluded eating and drinking, the only bits of me that remained on the table where those of my two sets of genitalia, which were separated out, one for each of my genders. Then one of the men took each of those straight, long parts and put them together, combining them in a way that their final shape formed an ancient geometrical sign, that of two fingers crossing – the one vertical, the other horizontal. As the two parts remained bound like that on the table, the men bowed their heads in sudden introspection or reverence for that strange shape. And then the dream was over.

It took me a while to adjust to the reality of my room.


Awards: Academy of Athens Award for ‘‘The Blind Ones’’ (2018), the ‘‘Anagnostis’’ Magazine Award for Best Novel for the books ‘‘Wild Acropolis’’ (2014) and ‘‘The Blind Ones’’ (2018) and The Athens Prize for Literature Award for ‘‘Rock Paper Scissors’’ (2015).