She is a member of Hellenic Authors’ Society and Poets’ Circle. She has studied music (Hellenic Conservatory), painting (Athens School of Fine Arts) and has done free studies in Philosophy. She writes poetry, prose, essays, book reviews and translates from English. She has translated American poetry for literary magazines
(Sylvia Plath, Ann Sexton, Norman Mailer, Allen Ginsberg, Rachel Hadas), Balkan poets (Radomir Andrich, Becir Vukovic, Andrija Radulovic, Nenad Milosevic, Danika Vukicevic, Sibila Petlevski, Raul Bribete, Petra Kolmanic, George Precup, Milica Lilic, Olga Savicevic Ivancevic, Maja Vidmar, Marco Pogacar, James Sutherland-Smith, Roman Kissiov, etc.), Bengal poets, as well a series of interviews with Allen Ginsberg. Some of her poems, book reviews and essays can be found in printed and electronic magazines Porfyras, Oropedio, Entefktirio, Poetix, Koralli, Diodos,
Koukoutsi, Poiitiki,, Dekata, Frear, Bookpress, Fractal, Peri ou,  Kariothrafstis, Chartis,, and in newspapers such as Avgi, Kathimerini, Eleftherotypia, Pontiki, Proodeftiki Evoia.

She has participated in 22 poetic festivals in Greece and abroad, as well as in many anthologies. She has worked as a book critic for Elefterotypia newspaper.

 More about author: 
First name:  KLEOPATRA
Last name:  LYBERI


Neighbourhoods of Chalkis, Proodeftiki Evoia, 1989


Rider Death, Kaveiros, 1990
Small Philharmonic, Ikaros, 1993
His New-Year’s Day, Agra, 1997
The Verb To Hunger, Agra, 2001
Music of Spheres, Agra, 2007
Naught In a Nest, Gavriilidis, 2018


Flower, Agra, 2003
The burial of Count Orgath, Gavriilidis, 2015


Nikos Karouzos / I Met with the Miracle as a Friend, Iκaros, 2020

Notes / Fragmenta
Seven-Year-Old Girl, Agra, 2011
Poetry in Four legs / games and farces, Oi Ekdoseis ton Filon, 2017


Three conversations – Allain Ginsberg’s interview to Allan Clarck, Printa, 2001
Deaths of the Ladies (and other Disasters), Norman Mailer, Kastaniotis, 2008
Verses are the Golden Rule of the Ephemeral / Balkan Poets, Romi, 2020


Poems of 2013 (with E. Kornetis), Dekata, 2014
Poems of 2014 (with E. Kornetis), Dekata, 2015
The New Poetry, Poetix, 2019


Athanasiou Diakou 2
Holargos 15562

Date of birth:  1953
Birth place:  Chalkida
Abstract text: 


Poem, soon you will leave, you will roam
the streets like a dog
like a cut dahlia – what will I have then,
who will I be? What home will I sleep in
with no food, no water, no body?
Poem, you throw me so many dead bodies
so that I am covered by all existence

and the densely written pages of the desert
all the winds, the bird formations and
their nests, their emotional tempests.
Poem, you, the omnipresent, the prowler
in lowlands behind eyes and brains,
in all the words that cast me out of the
nest, in visions spitting into my mouth
like shamans
but also in Alpine howlings
(that much snow piles up when you’re gone)
Poem, who are you? Who are all we,
hidden inside the one who is speaking now?
If you become the rhythm, the form, the tremor
the bosom of the winged zealots of the languages
you will light up like an Easter candle
like Eros of the One.
Poem, remember me when thou comest into thy
kingdom, the house of No one.

(Naught in a nest, 2018)


Nominated for the National Poetry Award with the book Naught in a Nest, Gavriilidis Publications