Born in Thessaloniki, since 1998 he lives in Athens.
Education : Law and industrial costing –
Foreign Languages English, French

Career Shareholder (1965-1978) of «Elvifan» - auto accessories industry (managing director 1975-1978)
– Owner and director of the traditional piano-bar-restaurant «Rayias», in Thessaloniki (1980-1996) -

Since 1997 his occupation has been concerned with cultural activities and writing.

1996-1997 he is occupied at the organisation “Thessaloniki, cultural capitol of Europe 1997”.

1998-2003 he is attached as cultural advisor to the Ministry of National Defense,
2003-2004 as cultural consultant in Greek Tourism ( GNTO ) Awards 1962 he was awarded a first prize for poetry ( critic committee : Vrettakos, Elytis, Ritsos ) – 2000 : Publishers’ Union of Ν.Greece rewarded him an honorary distinction for his contribution to Greek Letters. Among other activities On 1972, during the dictatorship in Greece, he was been under trial for his prose “The dream”, published at the literary review “Tram”, which was translated by the team of Aragon for “Lettres Francaises”.Jan.2001 was invited, among 14 poets from Greece, to represent Greek poetry in France. He is member of the Hellenic Authors’ Society ( ) and “Three Seas’ waves” Council of Writers and Translators.( ) 

Edited works Nine books ( five in poetry )

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 More about author: 
First name:  THEMIS
Last name:  LIVARIADIS

Diagora 3
116 36 Athens

Date of birth:  1940
Birth place:  Thessaloniki
Abstract title:  Poems
Abstract text: 

The dawn

I had heard about it, but I didn’t pay any attention until I saw
them with my own eyes. Some while before the dawn, when it is still dark, they
appear from that corner of the upper town, coming along the
street. They fill almost all its width. When you first see them
flowing down the road, you can’t believe your eyes. So many
living beings in the heart of a dead town. Like a white river.
As it was the first time, I felt surrounded. They were so warm,
spreading their dirty smell. Then I saw the black dog. On the
other side… He had already distinguished me from those sheep
and goats. Rearing on his hind legs, he showed all his teeth
suspiciously, smelling my fear…
Soon enough I realised that it was better for me to stay with
them. I was hoping, if possible, that this flow would never stop.
Their stink had become mine. And their fur so warmed me at
that day-break, I had surrendered to their protection.
I always knew that sometime it would happen. Now this wild
black dog is waiting for me… He is powerful, with strong legs
and pointed teeth. I know that I will not fight.
Everything that comes after will be humiliation.

( from “Notes for Ifigenia” - Pd ‘Exandas’ )


The death of the animal

Up till now I got along
As a race horse
Keeping myself in form
By the skin of my teethe
But I didn’t always spend my time racing
May be no proper use was made of me
However I was well taken care of
The food was well chosen
Those who rode me
Were not particularly heavy
The other animals showed understanding
Sometimes envy
I wouldn’t say love
Until the carriage came along
Then, a stable boy pulled me aside
Nailed horseshoes to my feet
Even this was not so painful
Until I saw father’s shadow
At that door
With ritualistic pity
Loading the pistol.

( From “The death of the animal” – Pd. ‘Exandas )


The refusal

You’ve just borne a moribund baby
And you won’t admit it
Its album is open at the first page
Weight and eyes’ color
Now the hemoglobin count is rising
As the relatives gather in the waiting-
The doctor suggests a transfusion
You insist wearing this raincoat
You refuse to take it off
You refuse to acknowledge the birth

It’s impossible, you are saying
I never became yours’

( from “ Eleftheria is leaning on a black desk” – Pd ‘Armos’ )