Giorgos Lillis was born in Bielefield, Germany in 1974, and raised in Athens. In 1996 he went back to Bielefield where he still lives and works. In 1999 he published his first poetry collection  Το δέρμα της νύχτας  [Τhe skin of night] (Odos Panos editions). Since then he has published six more poetry collections: H χώρα των κοιμώμενων υδάτων [Τhe country of the sleeping waters] (Mandragoras ed.,
2001),  Στο σκοτάδι μετέωρος  [Floating in the Darkness] (Melani Books, 2003),  Τα όρια του λαβύρινθου  [Bounds of the Labyrinth] (Kedros Publishers, 2008),  Μικρή διαθήκη  [Small Testament] (Perispomeni Publications, 2012),  Αρλεκίνος  [Harlequin] (Perispomeni Publications, 2015) O άνθρωπος τανκ [Τhe tank man] (Thraca Books, 2017); and (Το χάπι Μουρτι Μπινγκ) (The Pill Mourti- Bing) a novel , Ίχνη στο χιόνι  [Τraces on the snow] (Metaixmio ed., 2012); and a children’s book for his newborn daughter. He has translated in Greek Indian poets, as well as the German poet Durs Grünbein. His book reviews and essays have been published in several newspapers and magazines.

His poems have been translated in English, French, Spanish and Italian, while his poetry collections Floating in the Darkness, Bounds of the Labyrinth and Small Testament have been published in German.

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First name:  ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ
Last name:  ΛΙΛΛΗΣ

Salzuflerstr 66, 33719 Bielefeld Germany

Date of birth:  1974
Birth place:  GERMANY
Abstract title:  POEMS
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