Stathis Koutsounis is a poet, an essayist, and a critic. He has studied Law, Literature and Classical Music. He lives and works in Athens. He has been teaching at I.M.Panagiotopoulos School since 1989 having been the Director of the Senior High School for many years.

He has published seven poetry collections and books of literary and other studies, critical essays, monographies, stories, and short stories. He also collaborates with literature magazines and newspapers, publishing book reviews, articles, and other literary texts.

Poems and stories of his have been included in anthologies and translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Persian. He is a full member of the Hellenic Authors’ Society, the Poets’ Circle, and the Hellenic Philologists’ Association.

He was a member of the 15th Hellenic Authors’ Society Administrative Board from 2009 to 2011.

 More about author: 
First name:  STATHIS
Last name:  KOUTSOUNIS


“Etudes for Voice and Poetry”, Yakinthos Publications, Athens, 1987

“Blood harvest”, Smili Publications, Athens, 1991

“Variations of black”, Delfini Publications, Athens, 1998

“The terrorism of beauty”, Metaichmio Publications, Athens, 2004

“Insects in intensive care”, Metaichmio Publications, Athens, 2008

“Snapshots of the body”, Metaichmio Publications, Athens, 2014

“At no one’s land”, Metaichmio Publications, Athens, 2020



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“Il manichino” (short story), Fermenti Edirtice, Roma, 2022 [in the collective volume: “Il micro-racconto nella contemporanea letteratura greca”. Volume antologico a cura di Crescenzio Sangiglio]


19, Irodotou St. 111 47 Galatsi

Mobile phone number: +30 6977215336

Date of birth:  1959
Birth place:  Nea Figaleia, Olympia
Abstract title:  POEMS
Abstract text: 



With light

borrowed from your eyes

he came

sweating colors wriggled

on blistered fingers

and you had moved almost

completely inside him

I could see that in the navel

red milk gushed

moons fell from eyelids

and between the limbs a puppy

howled with tearful eyes

baring its black teeth


[From: Blood Harvest, 1991

Translated by Philip Ramp]




She was sitting alone in her bedroom

her sensual flesh kept her memory alive

and scenes from the war

came to her

young men killed in battle for her sake

heroes languished for a touch of hers

for a look


she liked Paris and Menelaos

and so many other Trojans and Hellenes


now as she stands naked before the mirror

given over to lust

still boiling in her body

she sees her wrinkles as remorse

for the lovers she desired

and didn’t carry her off


and she dissolves into tears

when she thinks of how many other Troys

her incontinent rage

could loot


[From: The terrorism of beauty, 2004

Translated by Yannis Goumas]




You are fruit that splits

and in the centre wildly

shines its stone


resin oozes within

and falls in drops

on my gluttonous tongue


I wriggle wormlike

between peel and pit

sink and stretch in the slime


till spotless white

I enter deep inside you


[From: The terrorism of beauty, 2004

Translated by Yannis Goumas]




I open the closet and pick

my warmest –it’s freezing cold outside–

my most favorite leather jacket


the moment I put it on, its sleeves

become hands, or rather

animal feet with sharp nails

which grab me from the collar bone;

I feel on my back

the chest of a wild cat

that takes my breath away


it squeezes me slowly

–I hear my bones cracking–

and yet

right in the abyss of terror

I see ropes and

stairs of atonement descending

as soon as it draws its talon

from the nape of my neck to the buttocks

and starts flaying me unmercifully,

the black panther.


[From: Insects in intensive care, 2008

Translated by Katerina Steck]




I am not who I was

nor will I be who I am


always and constantly a Circe

touches me with her stick


[From: Snapshots of the body, 2014

Translated by Yannis Goumas]




He hardly ever stops following me

without asking

he gets underfoot speechless

he goes either ahead or comes behind

and other times he springs from the sides

which tends to irritate me

but whenever he disappears

I feel I’m half a man


till one day as I was walking

he was untangled from my legs

and fell flat on the ground


for the first time I saw him detached

lying unruffled

I instantly felt that I was missing something

I looked at myself touched myself

but I’ve no body

a shadow I am

and the shadow on the ground


my body


[From: Snapshots of the body, 2014

Translated by Yannis Goumas]


“Insects in intensive care”, Metaichmio Publications, Athens, 2008: Nominated for the Poetry Award by “Diavazo” magazine

“At no one’s land”, Metaichmio Publications, Athens, 2020: Nominated for the Jean Moréas Poetry Award 

E-mail:  kutsunis@otenet.gr
Website:  www.koutsounis.gr