Chloe Koutsoumpeli was born in 1962, studied law in Thessaloniki’ s Aristotelian University and worked in the banking department. She has published ten collections of poems, two novels and two theatrical plays. Her play ORFEUS AT THE BAR was presented in Agora theater of Patra in 2014.

Her poems were translated in English, Spanish, German, French, Bulgarian, Turkish, Italian and Slovenian and have been published in Greek and foreign magazines and in Greek and foreign anthologies in Europe, Canada and U.S.A.

She is Vice President of Authors Society of Thessaloniki, member of the Cycle of Poets and of Authors’ Society.

In 2020 Aggeliki Mavroudi has published a study with the title THE POETRY OF ANCIENT MYTH IN CHLOE KOUTSOUMPELI’S WORK from Romi Publications and many other critical studies concerning her work have been published in literary magazines and books.

Also a collection of poems which have antiquity as their theme with the title ANTIGONE ALWAYS FORGETS SOMETHING WHEN SHE LEAVES, was published in 2020 by editions EL ARBOL DE LA LUZ in Sevilla, translated in Spanish by JOSE ANTONIO MORENO JURADO.

 More about author: 
First name:  CHLOE
Last name:  kOUTSOUMBELI

Collections of poetry

“Relations of silence” 1984, Egnatia

“The night is a whale” 1990, Loxias bookshop

“The departure of Lady K.” 2004, New Poria

“The lake, the garden and the loss” 2006, N. Poria

“The fox and the red dance” 2009, Gabrielidis

“In the Ancient World the night comes early” 2012, Gabrielidis

“Clinically absent” 2014, Gabrielidis

“Those who sit in the same table in another land” 2016, Gabrielidis

“The note of Despere street”, 2018, Polis

“The naked loneliness of poet O” 2021, Polis


“With low voice” 2002, Paratiritis

“The assistant of Mr. Klein” 2017, Melani


"Orfeus at the bar" 2005, Parodos

"The sacred vessel", 2015, Thines

To be published:

In 2022 a book by Pikramenos public house with the title 4X4 with one collection of poetry from every one of four women poets: Koutsoumpeli, Nikopoulou, Sakelliou and Christodoulou.

In 2023 a novel from Estia public house with the title IEREMIADA

In 2024 a collection of poems from Polis public house with the title ANCIENT APE



Dimitriou Karaoli 53, 551 31 Kalamaria

Date of birth:  1962
Birth place:  Thessaloniki
Abstract title:  THE OTHER LAND
Abstract text: 


Ι wanted to write you a letter, but I didn’t know the hieroglyphics.
I wanted to touch you, but sometimes you were a century late, sometimes I came a millennium earlier.
When you left on the cave the imprint of your palm, my hand abruptly shrank.
When you painted buffalos, I was afraid of the bulls.
When Thira sank, I participated in the Minoan ritual of Spring,
When Rome was on fire, I lived in Pompeii.
When Agavi devoured you, I was entertaining Dionysos.
When you fought in the front line, I was in a concentration camp,
When they bombed your country, I was a tourist in the Alpes,
When you entered a train in Zurich, I was flying to Amsterdam.
All through time, in vain we struggled. Never were we at the same place at once.
But do people actually ever meet?
Besides how else could Poetry justify its existence?
Since it is the only land where souls can really find each other.



National Award of Poetry in 2017

E-mail:  chloe.koutsoumpeli@gmail.com