Elsa Korneti was born in Munich, Germany, but raised in Greece. After her studies in Finance in Greece and in Germany, she worked as a journalist. Collaborating with literary magazines she publishes poems, essays, book reviews, translations, short stories. Her poems and short stories have appeared in numerous well-known literary magazines. Part of her work among all books have been translated and published in foreign anthologies and literary magazines in ten European languages and Chinese. She has published 15 books, among them 11 of poetry collections and compositions.

Three of her poetry collections have been distinguished: “Α bouquet of fish bones” (2009) and the “Tin Pearl” (2011) both nominated for the National Award of Poetry. She has been awarded “George Karter” prize for her poetry collection “Normal People with a plum and a brindled tail” (2014). Her recent books are in poetry: “Wooden Nose Turned” (2021)
Saixpirikon Edition, “The hero is falling” (2021) Ekdoseis ton Filon. 

In prose her recent book is “The Fish on the Island and other imaginative
stories” (2020) Melani Edition.

 More about author: 
First name:  ΕΛΣΑ
Last name:  ΚΟΡΝΕΤΗ

2021. Ο ήρωας πέφτει [The hero is falling] (2021). Athens: Ekdoseis ton
2021. Ξύλινη μύτη τορνευτή [Wooden nose turned] (2021). Thessaloniki:
2016. Αγγελόπτερα [Angelwings] (2016). Athens: Μelani.
2014. Κανονικοί άνθρωποι με λοφίο και μια παρδαλή ουρά [Normal
people with a plum and a brindled tail]
(2014). Athens: Gavriilidis
2013. Ο επαναστατικός κύριος Γκιούλιβερ [The revolutionary Mr
(2013). Thessaloniki: Saixpirikon Edition.
2012. O λαίμαργος αυτοκράτορας κι ένα ασήμαντο πουλί [The insatiable
Emperor and an insignificant bird]
(2012), Thessaloniki: Saixpirikon.
2011. Κονσέρβα μαργαριτάρι [Tin Pearl] (2012). Athens: Gavriilidis.
2009. Ένα μπουκέτο ψαροκόκκαλα [A Bouquet of Fish Bones] (2009).
Athens: Gavriilidis.
2007. H αιώνια κουτσουλιά [Eternal Bird Droppings] (2007). Gavriilidis
Edition, Athens: Gavriilidis.

2007. Στην σπείρα του κοχλία [In the Shell’s Spiral] (2007).
Thessaloniki: Malliaris.
2017 Eine halbe Frau? (2017), [traslated into German by Niki Eideneier].
Frankfurt am Main: Größenwahn Verlag.
2013. Ημερολόγιο φιλοσοφικής ήττας [Diary of philosophical defeat].
Athens: (2013), Koukoutsi Pbl. Edition, Athens
2011. Homero Aridjis, Original title [The sun’s and other poems]. (2011),
Koinonia Dekaton Edition, Athens: Koinonia Dekaton [translated from
2020. Alda Merini, Follia divina [The Divine madness]. Thessaloniki:
(2020), Romi Edition Pbl., Thessaloniki [translated from Italian].
Fiction – Prose
2020. Το νησί πάνω στο ψάρι και άλλες ευφάνταστες ιστορίες [The
island on the fish and other imaginative stories
] (2020), Athens, Melani

Birth place:  Munich Germany
Abstract title:  POEMS
Abstract text: