Professor in the Department of Philology of the University of Crete (Division of Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology) and prose writer. She has studied literature at the University of Thessaloniki, where she also defended her dissertation (1995).

Special Interests
Greek Literature of 19th and 20th c
Comparative Literature

Director of a Literary Series

«Old texts, new readings», Crete University Press (CUP)

Administrative positions

Head of the Department of Philology (January 2013 - August 2016)

Dean of the School of Letters (September 2018 - August 2021)


She has participated in over 80 conferences and has given numerous lectures in Greece and Europe. Approximately 90 scientific papers have been published, some of them in English, Spanish, German and French. Reviews for literary or scientific books have been published in the daily press and in magazines.

 More about author: 
First name:  ANGELA
Last name:  KASTRINAKI


A. Fiction and autobiografy

Φιλοξενούμενη, αφηγήματα, Εστία 1990. ISBN 960-05-0203-X

Hosted, narratives

Εκδρομές με φίλες, διηγήματα, Εστία 1993. 960-05-0548-9

Excursions with Girlfriends, short stories

Τα όρια της ζεστασιάς, διηγήματα, Πόλις 1999. 960-7478-81-9

The Boundaries of Warmth, short stories

Εκδοχές της Πηνελόπης, διηγήματα, Πόλις 2002. 960-8132-66-5

Versions of Penelope, short stories

Η λογοτεχνία, μια σκανταλιά, μια διαφυγή ελευθερίας, αφηγήσεις και δοκίμια, Πόλις 2003

Literature, a Scandal, a way out to Freedom, narratives and essays

Έρωτας στον καιρό της ειρωνείας, μυθιστόρημα, Ελληνικά Γράμματα 2008

Love in the Age of Irony


Και βέβαια αλλάζει! Αφήγημα για τη Μεταπολίτευση, Κίχλη 2014

Of course it can change! An autobiografical narrative for the Regime Change in Greece, 1974

6 γαλάζια μολύβια για τη Σμύρνη (θεατρικό), εκδ. Σοκόλη 2022
Six blue pencils for Smyrna (play) Sokolis editions 2022


Κάτι ν’ αλλάξει! Μα πώς;, Κίχλη 2019

Something must change! But how? [sequel of the previous]


B. Essays


Youth’s Adventures. Generation Conflict in Greek Prose (1890-1945), (Thesis, Kastaniotis Editions 1995)

The Voice of the Native Land (Polis, Athens 1997)

Literature in the Tumultuous Decade 1940-1950 (Polis, Athens 2005)


Prose writing in the long Sixties (co-author), Kallipos 2015


Speak, Penelope! The mythical heroine and her transfigurations in literature, from 19th century up to our days. (CUP 2022).

B’. Edition of classical texts with essays

K. Christomanos, The Wax Doll, with the essay “‘Like the almond trees’: ideas and symbols in the Wax Doll by K. Christomanos”, CUP 2013

Al. Papadiamantis, Short stories, with the essay “Eros narcissus, divine eros: aspects of eros in the work of Papadiamantis”, CUP 2017.

Kosmas Politis, Lemonodasos, with the essay “Looking for the Golden Fleece. A journey in the myths and symbols of Kosmas Politis’ Lemonodasos”, CUP 2020.



Τσβετάν Τοντόροφ, Ποιητική, Γνώση 1989. ISBN 960-235-028-8

Tzvetan Todorof, Poetics



Agiou Ioanni 14,
Rethhimno 74132 Crete

Date of birth:  1961
Birth place:  Athens
Abstract title:  Versions of Penelope

- Ipekci Prize, 1999 for her study on the portrait of Turks in Greek novels
- National Essay Award 2005 for the book Literature in the Tumultuous Decade 1940-1950

E-mail:  kastrinaki@phl.uoc.gr
Website:  https://www.philology.uoc.gr/staff/angela-kastrinaki