Elena Houzouri  has published six poetry books, several monographs about writers (Giorgos Ioannou) and themes from Greek literature, one collection of reviews on Greek poets, and one collection of her selected poems (2011).

She published her first novel, The Dark Vardar in 2004 (Kedros Publishing), which was shortlisted for the prestigious "State Novel Award" and for the "Balkanika Award" in 2006. Her second novel, Cotton Motherland (Kedros, 2009), was nominated for the "Readers’Award" , as well as for the literary prize of the review magazine "Reading" (Diavazo).

In 2013 she published her third novel Twice Innocent (Kedros), which was shortlisted for the "State Novel Award" and for the e-magazin "The Reader" (Anagnostis). In 2016, her forth novel “Uncle Abraham lives ever ici” [Patakis] was awarded by “Prize Prose 2016” of the literature magazine "KLEPSIDRA".

Her novels have been translated into German, French, Serbian, Bulgarian and Turkish. Her poems in Turkish and Romanian, as well. As a literary critic, she has worked for the major daily Athenian newspapers and literary journals. She has also collaborated with the most important Greek publishing houses as an advising selector for publishing new domestic and foreign literary works. 

For many years Elena Houzouri worked as a journalist in the field of arts and literature in well-known newspapers and magazines, as well as in radio and television programs.

She is an active member of the Hellenic Authors Society, first serving as its Secretary and subsequently as Vice-president.

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First name:  ELENA
Last name:  HOUZOURI
Birth place:  Thessaloniki
Abstract title:  POEMS
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E-mail:  elhouz2001@yahoo.gr