Yorgos Gozis, Thessaloniki 1970. Possesses ΒΑ, Theology by the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki and an MA in Ecclesiastical History, Christian Worship, Archaeology and Art, field of Hagiology. Fluent speaker of English, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Montenegrin and Bosnian language.

Translates selected works of Russian and Serbian prose. Released in theatrical play “Excavation-1”, North Greece State Theatre, season 2015-2016.

Member of the Board of Thessaloniki’s Authors’ Society and ΡΕΝ Greece.

 More about author: 
First name:  Yorgos
Last name:  GOZIS

Works, personal:

  1. Zafiris, don’t be afraid, get a vespa!”, narrations, Potamos 2022.

  2. Bravely upfront - Храбро напред”, selected works of the Serbian prose of the twentieth century, selection-translation-editing (bilingual edition), Romi 2022.

  3. Glass breakage”, novel, Potamos 2020

  4. Mohters of Thrace”, Life & Martyrdom of Holy Women in Thrace, hagiology work, Paratiritis 2020.

  5. Guano”, novelette, Polis 2016.

  6. Let me complete, please”, short stories, Polis 2014.

  7. Night-shift man in the back yard”, short stories, Nefeli 2020.


Works, collective works:

  1. Birth city”, Ellinoekdotiki

  2. Press_21”, Epikentro 2021

  3. After pandemic”, Barbounakis 2021

  4. Time and the city”, Romi 2021

  5. Plums need no heating”, Kastaniotis 2017

  6. Under my legs”, Zitros 2008

  7. Thirteen new authors”, Nefeli 2002

  8. 20+1 stories”, Kastaniotis 2000.


Works, translated:

Albanian, “Drita në det collection”, Neraida 2017

Swedish, “Fikontradets sang collection”, Bokförlaget Tranan 2007

Spanish, “Contraprestacion”, Еl coloquio de los perros, 2021

Date of birth:  1970
Birth place:  Thessaloniki
Abstract text: 



  1. Short-listed, The Athens’ Prize for literature 2020, (de)kata literary review.

  2. 1st prize, panhellenic literary contest of Greece’s Labor Federation, 2003.

  3. Short-listed young author, Diavazo 2002

  4. Short-listed young author, Greek Ministry of Culture literary awards 2002

  5. 1st prize, panhellenic literary contest, Eleftherotypia newspaper 2001

  6. 1st prize, panhellenic literary contest, Elle magazine 2000

  7. 1st prize, panhellenic literary contest, Thessaloniki’s Authors Club 1999.

  8. Greece’s national representative, field of literature, 9th Biennale of Young Artists in Europe and the Med, Rome 1999.

Website:  https://georgegozis.gr