Elected Ordinary Member of the “European Academy of Sciences & Arts”, Fellow (Distinguished Member) of the National Academy of Technology of the USA, and Fellow (Distinguished Member) of the “Royal Society of Arts” (RSA) in London/UK.

Studied Political Science & Communication. He taught and researched for 40 years in universities (Canada, Greece and Cyprus). Since 2000 he has been living and working as a university professor in Cyprus, where he served for two terms as Rector of the European University Cyprus.

For some years, he represented Cyprus in the Council of Europe/Committee on Higher Education & Research. He was a member of the Standing Committee on Humanities of the European Science Foundation (ESF) in Strasbourg, and also member of the Scientific Committee of the European Social Survey (ESS); a research platform that won the Descartes Prize for Science in Europe for its scientific methodology.

He has published an enormous number of books, chapters, essays and articles in North America, China and Europe. Part of his essays - published in English by leading international publishers - have been translated into various languages and included in the world's historical libraries.

He has published six (6) poetry collections. One of them, "Neurasthenic Landscapes", was chosen for publication and audiovisual presentation by Manos Hadjidakis at the Musical August 1981 Music. At the same time, Manos Hadjidakis received the consent of Nicola Piovani to use his film music in the presentation.

He has translated into Greek poetry by William Faulkner, Octavio Paz, Robert Kroetsch as well as Chinese poets. His poems have been translated into the main European languages, while they have been included in Greek and foreign anthologies. His essays and critical texts on poets and poetry were published in newspapers (Kathimerini, Avgi, To Vima, O Phileleftheros) and literary magazines (Map, Tomes, Diavazo, Letters and Arts, Drawings, Planodion, Porphyras, culturebook, booksitting, etc.). Iakovos Kampanellis, as the Director of the second public radio station of Greece's public broadcaster (ERT) assigned him (1982-3) a series of cultural programs entitled "Magnifications". Together with Mikis Theodorakis they wrote the book "In the Dialectic of Harmony" (2018, Gutenberg).

In 2018 he represented Cyprus as a writer in the European Capital of Culture (Leeuwarden / Netherlands) and at the European Literature Night in Amsterdam.

Received the Panhellenic Poetry Prize "Jean Moreau" for "Wet Glass" as the best poetry collection of 2020 (Gutenberg publications).

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First name:  KOSTAS
Last name:  GOULIAMOS



Ματικάπια (Εκδόσεις Διογένης, 1976)

Εντροπία (Εκδόσεις Δωδέκατη Ώρα, 1977)

Νευρασθενικά Τοπία (εκδόσεις Μουσικός Αύγουστος, 1981)

Μανία Φιδιού (Εκδόσεις Έψιλον, 1995)

Η Ομιλία της Νύχτας (Εκδόσεις Gutenberg,2017)

Υγρό Γυαλί (Εκδόσεις Gutenberg, 2020)


Δοκίμια, Μελέτες


Political Marketing: Strategic 'Campaign Culture' (w/ Bruce I. Newman Antonis Theocharous). Routledge, 2013

The Marketing of War in the Age of Neo-Militarism: (w/ Chr. Kassimeris). Routledge, 2012

Happy Slaves-A Duologue on Multicultural Deficit: (w/ William Anselmi). Guernica, USA/ Canada, 2005.

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Mediating Culture - The politics of representation: (w/ William Anselmi). Guernica, USA/ Canada, 1997.Guernica, USA/ Canada, 1997




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T.: +35799680574

Date of birth:  1955
Birth place:  Kalamata
E-mail:  kogouliamos@gmail.com