She has lived in Athens since 1966. She studied history and archaeology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is a founding member of the Hellenic Authors’ Society. Her work (short stories and novels) has been translated into many European languages.

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First name:  ΜΑΡΩ
Last name:  ΔΟΥΚΑ



The Ancient Rust [Fools Gold]

first edition, Kedros, 1979

revised edition, Patakis, 2008

translated into English, French, Italian, Serbian and Albanian


The Floating City

first edition, Kedros, 1983

revised edition, Patakis, 2007

translated into German


Aspens, Unmoving

first edition, Kedros, 1987

revised edition, Patakis, 2008


At the Bottom of the Picture

first edition, Kedros, 1990

revised edition, Patakis, 2006

translated into French


A Cap of Purple [Come Forth, King]

first edition, Kedros, 1995

new edition, Patakis, 2007

translated into Italian and English


Celestial Mechanics

first edition, Kedros, 1999

new edition, Patakis, 2009

translated into Italian


The Innocent and the Guilty

first edition, Kedros, 2004

augmented edition, Patakis, 2010

translated into Serbian, Turkish and Lithuanian


Justice is Something Very Hard

Patakis, 2010


Come, Let us Tell Lies

Patakis, 2014


Entry Portal

Patakis, 2019


If I Only Had a Trumpet

Patakis, 2022


Short Fiction


The Cauldron

first edition, Kedros 1974

revised edition, Kedros 1997

augmented edition, Patakis, 2009


Where Are The Wings?

first edition, Kedros, 1975

revised edition, Kedros, 1982

second revised edition, Kedros, 1997

new edition, Patakis, 2009


Carré Fixe

first edition, Kedros, 1976

revised edition, Kedros, 1990

second revised edition, Patakis 2007


Because my Soul

Patakis, 2012




The Writer and his Jar

first edition, Kastaniotis, 1992

second edition, Patakis, 2013


The Black Leather Shoes

Patakis, 2005


Nothing is for Granted

Patakis, 2016




«Do you Like Brahms?»

Included in The Way to the West, a project by painter and film director Kyriakos Katzourakis. Performed by Katia Gerou (2001-2) and again by Loukia Michalopoulou (2007).




Between Reason and Passion. Maro Douka selects from the works of Georgios Vizyinos

Bastas-Plessas, 1995


Maro Douka reads Georgios M. Vizyinos

Ellinika Grammata, 2005





tel: +302106714739

Date of birth:  1947
Birth place:  Chania
Abstract title:  Fool’s Gold (from the beginning and the end of the novel)
Abstract text: 

What is my name

My date and place of birth

Where do I live and with whom

What do my parents do

My resistance record (covert or other activities)

Trade union or similar affiliations

My family’s politics

Why and how did I join the Left

Record of police harassment

My intended profession

Books I have read

Strengths and weaknesses (my own estimation)

What help do I expect from the group

My attitude to this particular group, and reasons for wanting to join




OK, MY NAME IS Myrsini Panayotou. I was born in Paris on the 25th of July, 1949. I live at 10 Sinopis Street, by myself. My father doesn’t do anything, my mother is dead. During the dictatorship I took part in the resistance, first of all in the Rigas Pherraios group. Leaflets and other printed matter. Later on I was in various covert groups, whose names I may not reveal. At present no, I am not a member of any group. My family, my father that is, is a socialist, or so he says. I have no idea how I first came to join the Left. I suppose because of my first boyfriend, Paul. I have been harassed by the Security Police and continue to be harassed to this day. Intended profession I have none, I may give more time to dancing, though the years have passed me by. I have read a great many books, but very few specifically related to Marxism. Only the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, the Communist Manifesto, State and Revolution and five or six shorter books. As for my strengths and weaknesses I can make no comment. So when all’s said and done, sometimes I feel like a god, and sometimes the merest creature.


(translated by Roderick Beaton)


The Ancient Rust

Nikos Kazantzakis Prize of the Municipality of Heraklion, 1982


The Floating City

Greek State Prize for Literature, 1984 (declined)


The Innocent and the Guilty

Kostas and Eleni Ouranis Prize of the Academy of Athens, 2005

Cavafy prize, 2005

Balkanika Prize for Literature, 2006


Come, Let us Tell Lies

Nikos Themelis prize, “O anagnostis” magazine, 2015