CV. Alexandra Deligiorgi Pr.Em. by now , has been elected unanimously full Professor of Philosophy οf Social Sciences of the Department of Philosophy and Pedagogics of the Aristotele’s University of Thessaloniki, Greece, in 2002, where she has been Director of a Laboratory of Philosophy of Social Sciences since 2003.

She holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Therssaloniki , a Master’ s Degree in Sociology–Ethnology from the University Rene Descartes, Paris V, Sorbonne, Paris, France, and a Post-graduate Degree (D.E.A.) in Sociology from the same University Rene Descartes, Paris V, Sorbonne, Paris. She has attended interdisciplinary seminars of anthropogy of the Ecole des Hautes Eudes of Paris, and she holds a Ph.D in Philosophy ( cum laude) from the Faculty of Letters and Arts of the Aristotele’s University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

She has been honored with a scholarship of the French Government for studies in Paris, France, in 1972-73 and with a three-month Fulbright scholarship for visiting the City University of New York, during Spring 1985. She haw been honored with a research fellowship by the Center of the Hellenic Studies of Princeton University for a 2-month visit in spring 1991 and for a 3-month visit in automn 2000.

During 1987-1988, she spent a 9-month educational leave in Paris for research in the libraries of the Universities and of La Maison des sciences sociales. In 1992, she spent a 6-month educational leave also in Paris, for the same purpose, and again in 1995, a 6-month educational leave in Oxford, a 6-month educational leave in 2000, in Princeton and Oxford, and a 2-month educational leave in Gotland, Sweden, in 2003. In October 2006, she visited the La Trobe University in Melbourn and the University of Sidney, Australia, and she gave seminars and lectures. In October 2008, she visited the Academy of Social Sciences of China, in Beijing, China and during the spring 2009, she visited the Columbia University of New York, and the University of Montreal, Canada. In October 2010, she visited the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Leipzig, Germany and gave a seminar for the postgraduate students of philosophy. She has signed an agreement with the Institute on a progmam of ERASMUS for the students of the department of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and for the students of the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Leipzig. The same program was signed with the Department of Philosophy of Language, Nova Universitad de Lisboa in June 2011.. She visited also the University of Cyprus and gave two seminars for the unedergraduate students of the Department of Classical Studies and Philosophy, and also the Universite Libre des Bruxelles where she gave two seminars for the students of the Department of Phuilosophy., in the framework of the Ersasmus Program.

She was awarded the first national prize for essay (1998) in Greece, for a book listed below, and also with Nikos Themelis Prize of Literature ( 2012) .

She has published articles in Greek and foreign philosophical and literary Reviews, and has participated in several meetings of philosophy and literary criticism in Greece and abroad.

She is member of the Society of Greek Writers, of the Society of European Writers and of the Greek Philosophical Society.

Since 1990, she has been publishing, periodically, articles and book reviews in the Greek press (VEMA, ΤΑ ΝΕΑ , ELEFTHEROTYPIA, AVGI).

Pr. A.D. has been occupied with literary work for the last 35 years. A few of her literary texts have been translated for German and Dutch anthologies of Greek Literature. Her literary work was the object of a PhD thesis done and published in German (M.Prinzinger Mythen, Metaphoren und Metamorphosen, ed. Verlag, J.B.Metzler, 1997).

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First name:  Alexandra
Last name:  Deligiorgi


1.An Introduction in Sociometry, p.115, publication no 16 of the Polytechnic School of the Aristotelean Univ. of Thessaloniki, 1971.

2.An epistemological approach of the Sociology of Georges Gurtvitch (p.290) publication no 16 of the Faculty of letters, of The Aristotle Univ.

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4. The Fragmented Reason and the Modernist Thought, (p.295) Thessaloniki 1991.

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9. Philosophy of Social Sciences The positivistic, hermeneutical and dialectical paradigms (2011)11


10. Travelogue of N.Calas’s Art Criticism, under publication in ed. Greeceinprint, New Jersey, US.A.

Literary Work


1. Anoston Hemar, the |Intellectual Itinerary of Niocolas Calas, essay , ed. Agra, Athens 1997, awarded the national prize for essay in Greece, for 1998.

2 . An Essay on Literaure, ed. Gavriilidis, under publication, November 2015

3. An essay on the Poetics of Nicolas Calas, ed.Armos, Athens 2018


1.Androgys, novel, , ed. Kedros, 1980-1984, 2007.

2. Golden Moon, novel, ed. Hestia, Athens 1988,1989,1990..

3. Dark Matter, novel, ed. Kedros , Athens 2004

4, Tender Compagnion, novel, ed. Agra 2011

5.A homeless’s diaries, ed. AGRA , Athens 2014

6.. Valleys of fear, novel, ed. Ekkremew, .2019


1. The Voices, short stories, ed. Hypsilon, Athens 1982, 1993.

2. Stories of a Minimal Age, ed. Hestia, Athens 1991.

3. One’s one Life, ed. Melani, Athens 2008 .


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