Born in Athens in 1952, Veroniki Dalakoura is considered one of the leading poets of her generation. Her writing shows the influence of surrealism and her books often combine verse poems, prose poems, hybrid forms, and longer narratives in provocative ways.

Besides the volumes of poetry from which this selection has been made, she is also the author of prose works: The End-Game (Nefeli, 1988), Hodler’s Painting (Agra, 2001), and One Afternoon, the Fog (Koukkida, 2018). Holder’s Painting and 26 Poems were finalists respectively for the National Prize in Prose and the National Prize in Poetry. Dalakoura is active as a literary critic, reviewing books in the leading Greek newspapers and journals, and has translated Spanish, English-language, and especially classic French writers and poets into Greek: Rimbaud, Flaubert, Stendhal, Balzac, Baudelaire, Desnos.

Her educational background is in law (University of Athens), history, and geography,
specifically as it concerns Greek refugees from the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922. In 1984, she wrote her doctoral thesis at the University of Montpellier on “The Installation of the Refugees of Asia Minor, Pont Euxin and Thrace in Greece: The Case of Macedonia.”

She continues to do research in this latter field. John Taylor's essay about Dalakoura, “Eros and Other Spiritual Adventures,” is included in his book Into the Heart of European Poetry (Transaction Publishers, 2008). Dalakoura lives in Athens.

 More about author: 
First name:  VERONIKI
Last name:  DALAKOURA

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Amipsiou 12
111 43 Athens

Date of birth:  1952
Birth place:  Athens
Abstract title:  Elvira
Abstract text: 

On the bus at noon. All seats occupied. Two or three people
standing, the usual route. Shortly before the terminus, at a major
intersection, the driver changes his course. Voices protest, but
he pays no attention. The passengers are furious. I'm listening
intently. I’m surprised more by the driver’s calm. He’s doubtless
following a certain route. They’re coming at him and screaming.
We're leaving town. Some passengers are trying to attack him.
Others are hanging out the windows and asking for help. The
elderly people are wondering if the driver is right and if they
have taken the wrong bus since it is heading out to the
countryside. We're way out of town. We’re passing through the
villages of Attica. Unfamiliar areas. All the desperate passengers
are weeping, a few are still resisting. I’m listening in silence. In
the evening, I realize we’re nearing the sea. The bus stops in the
darkness, but everyone is nailed to their seats, we’re pleading
don’t open the doors so we won’t find ourselves all alone in this
vast meadow.


 Translated By John Taylor

E-mail:  verodal@otenet.gr