Alexandra Bakonika was born in Thessaloniki, where she resides, She has studied
medicine. She has published 10 selections of poetry.

Poems and reviews of hers have been published in well-known literary periodicals.

Her work was presented at the Symposium for modern Greek Literature in London in 1996, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2012, at the European Poetry Festival 2015 in Zagreb, at the International Poetry Festival Schamrock, in 2016, in Munich.

Apart from her poems, which translated in English were published in India and Canada, selected poems have also been translated in German, Swedish, Albanian, Croatian.

 More about author: 
First name:  ALEXANDRA
Last name:  BAKONIKA

“Open line” publ. Diagonios, 1984
“The naked couple” publ. Diagonios, 1990
“Lovers an lairs” translated by Richard Scorza,
New Deli, publ. Samkaleen Prakashan, 1992
“Divine body” publ. Diagonios, 1994
“Seductively” publ. Bilieto, 1997
“Voluptuous consignment” publ. Entefktirio,2000
“Field of desire” publ .Metechmio, 2005
“Sensuality and authority” publ. Metechmio, 2009
“Tragedy and the den of the senses” publ .Sexpirikon, 2009
Bilingual publication( Greek/ English) “Tragedy and the den of the senses”
translated be Douglas Babington, publ,. Alfeios,2020
“The world penly” publ. Entefktirio, 2018
“Delicate woman” publ. Polis, 2021



Date of birth:  1951
Birth place:  Thessaloniki
Abstract title:  My Luggage
Abstract text: 

Inhumanity and tragedies
are not unknown to me.
By fire and sword I had to go through them.
If you search me you’ll find their deep scars.
Gloom and doom, misfortunes and sorrows
I carry them all in my luggage.
I have certificates, letters of introduction
concerning trials I’ve endured.
So I stand on my rights to turn
and live what is bright and cheerful.
The encounter, my immersion into joy,
― something that rarely happens ―
is a right and gained time.
I don’t feel guilty for joyful exaltations.