The procedure for the admission of new members,

For the admission of new members, the procedure is as follows:


1) The authors who wish to become  regular members of the Society and accept its statutes can submit a relevant application to the Board of Directors, as long as they have publications that fall into one of the categories of article 4* and at least five years have passed since their first published work.

2) The candidates need to submit their application followed by a proposal from an active member of the Society of Writers, which will present the work of the candidate members and their contribution to the letters, citing publications and reference to reviews and evidence of their intellectual presence in general. This proposal must be signed by 6 other active members of the Writers' Society. A total of 7 signatures

The 6 additional signatures should be confirmed by mail or electronic letter from each member signing.

3. Applications must be submitted by December 15th of each year.

4. The Board of Directors confirms that the above formal conditions exist and brings the application to the next regular General Assembly.

5) At the General Assembly, with the care of the Board of Directors, the approved applications reports are presented as well as any written objections, and the names of the members who drafted and signed them are mentioned. Immediately afterwards, the General Assembly decides on the applications by secret ballot and a majority of at least 55% of the members present.