Marigo Alexopoulou has published seven poetry collections: Faster than Light (2000), Which day is missing (2003), The Envy-meter (2006), The stars move in line (2008), The era before remedies (2012),  The Blue book (2015), Day and Night (2020), and the monograph The theme of returning home in ancient Greek literature: The Nostos of the Epic Heroes by Edwin Mellen Press. Her research interests are ancient Greek theatre and ancient Greek epigram.

She runs the website poetry cafe. (

She is a teacher at Moraitis School.

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First name:  MARIGO


Faster than Light (2000)
Which day is missing (2003)
The Envy-meter (2006)
The stars move in line (2008)
The Blue book (2015)
Day and Night (2020).


Vassileos Pavlou
154 52  Paleo Psychiko

Date of birth:  1976
Birth place:  Athens
Abstract title:  Poetry
Abstract text: 

Poetry Collection, Missing a day (Kedros, 2003)


The Kiss of Life                                      
                   To Vladimir


I let you
but remain
with the misgiving
about how I might
have saved you.

translated by Peter Constantine


Letter from Palestine
    (Yadon Illaheyya)

                                         Jerusalem, drifting city,
                                                Giorgos Seferis


I've been wanting
to write to you for some time.
But the moment was never right
for you to listen.
Now I imagine my letter
will find you
sitting on that concrete wall,
in the shade of the olive tree,
listening to midday approaching.
Believe me, I didn't know that
dividing lines,
and signs
could presage
separations and times
without the inalienable right to communication.
I've missed
the white vest
and the pyjamas with the same pattern.
One morning I think you'd said:
"You'll sleep on my back
and I'll travel for you".
That we might conquer the whole world together,
wear the light of the East
and hide in the smoke
and cigarettes
- not as a means of self-destruction,
just out of a need to understand.

Now it's too late;
I've switched off the kitchen light
and the dog is breathing contentedly,
tonight it has our breaths for company,
though we're forever separated
by a Jerusalem,
at a time when no one can understand
why so many soldiers fall upon us.

(I love you even if it's madness)

translated by David Conolly


Poetry Collection: Faster than light   (Kedros, 2000)



Your little oriental teeth
and your lies
caress my shoulder
like an emollient Vietnamese perfume
in Saigon.

translated by Peter Constantine


Poetry Collection, The stars move in line (Kedros 2008)



As Kalamata spreads out
I show you the brightest path.
In the meantime, father is waiting
quiet and thoughtful
to console me.
"The visitor didn't come", he tells me,
"but you should always remember
the wooden ladder I helped you climb
as a child and the perforated autumn light".

I pack my things hastily.
I feel repressed in here.
The walls have memory.
Silence is electrified.

The moment I go
I want to kiss you.
Stop crying.
It can't be every time you dream
to be robbed of your flowerbed,
to be deprived of the joy of return.

All right, you say to yourself,
after all, I owe nothing to nobody.
I only owe an apology
to memory
and to Ms Polydouri
while browsing the manuscripts of autumn.

translated by Roula Konsolaki


Poetry Collection, Day and Night (Polis, 2020)


The time of poets


The house silent
sometimes glows
with windows open,
the fluttering breeze.

Peaceful morning,
there is no quay
just a little cerulean
in a child’s drawing
on the wall.

While silence prevails,
the story goes like this:
how we were secluded
in four walls
surrounded by
the dreams, the memories
forcefully appearing
already in the present.

Translated by Roula Konsolaki