Fragiski Ampatzopoulou is a founding member of the Writers’ Association.Her long and innovative contribution has paved the way for new research fields in the area of letters. She was born in Athens in 1944. She studied History and Literature in Athens and Paris-Sorbonne. Having already established herself as a poet and translator from the decade of the 1970s, she went on to systematically examine the conditions for the reception, expression and propagation of Surrealism in Greece from the 1980s to date.

She has taught Modern Greek Literature at the University of Ioannina and the University of Crete. From 1985 untile 2010 she tought Greek Literature and Theory of Literature at the Aristoltle University of  Thessaloniki and  she is a Professor Emerita of Modern Greek.

Since 1989 she has focused on the Image of the Jew in Greek literature and has widely published in the area of Jewish Studies in Greece.  The results of her research are included in her book, The Other Persecuted: The Image of the Jew in Modern Greek Literature (Athens, 1998), in which she also discusses the representation of genocide in modern Greek fiction.

For more than three decades (1990-2022), she edited and prepared for publication a number of Holocaust testimonies-memoirs by Greek Jews. More than ten books, including the first written testimonies, were published  as a result of these efforts. Some of these testimonies, such as the one by Marcel Natzari (1946), were hand-written and unpublished; others, such as that by Mark Nahon, had been privately published after the war and, thus, inaccessible. In 1993 she published an anthology of the existing testimonies in an effort to make them more widely known and available. A few years later, she edited and prepared for publication the substantial collection of oral testimonies assembled by Erika Kounio-Amarilio and Albert Nar in 1990; the book was published in 1998 in Thessaloniki and reissued in 2016 in Athens.

In the context of the undergraduate and graduate curricula of the Department of Medieval and Modern Greek Literature at AUTH, she has taught classes in Modern Literature with emphasis on Cultural Studies. She has given talks on the genocide of Greek Jews at both Greek and international conferences.



 More about author: 
First name:  FRAGISKI

Fragiski Ampatzopoulou has translated many works of poetry and prose. 

Some of her books: Anthology of Surrealism (1981), Nicos Engonopoulos (1987), The Other Persecuted. The Image of the Jew in Literature: Between History and Fiction, 1988 (second edition 2021), Writing and SufferingEssays on Literature and History (2001), The Wandering of a Woman in the Desert, (poetry, 2007).



She received the National Award for the translation of a Foreign Literary work into Greek (2000), for the translation of the St. augustine’s Confessions from Latin. She also received the Grand Award for Letters (2018).  

E-mail:  fragiski@otenet.gr